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Compound Name: Chloro-IB-MECA
NIMH Code: C-708
Alternative Name: 2-Chloro-N6-(3-iodobenzyl)-adenosine-5’-N-methyluronamide
Indications: Adenosine A3 receptor ligand
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References: T. V. Dunwiddie, K. A. Jacobson and L. Diao, An adenosine A3 receptor-selective agonist does not modulate calcium-activated potassium currents in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons, Prog. Brain Res., 120, 275-285 (1999); V. Shneyvays, K. A. Jacobson, A.-H. Li, H. Nawrath, T. Zinman, A. Isaac, and A. Shainberg, Induction of apoptosis in rat cardiocytes by A3 adenosine receptor activation and its suppression by isoproterenol, Exp. Cell Res., 257, 111-126 (2000); V. Shneyvays, L. Mamedova, T. Zinman, K. Jacobson and A. Shainberg, Activation of A(3) adenosine receptor protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity, J. Mol. Cell Cardiol., 33, 1249-1261 (2001); N. Safran, V. Shneyvays, N. Balas, K. A. Jacobson, H. Nawrath and A. Shainberg, Cardioprotective effects of adenosine A1 and A 3 receptor activation during hypoxia in isolated rat cardiac myocytes, Mol. Cel. Biochem., 217, 143–152 (2001).
CAS: 163042-96-4
Molecular Formula: C18H18ClIN6O4
HBA: 9
HBD: 4
RotB: 5
PubChemID: 393593
AlogP: 1.468
TPSA: 134.42
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Structure of C-708
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Since 1959, the NIMH Chemical Synthesis and Drug Supply Program has synthesized and distributed novel research chemicals, psychoactive drugs, and compounds that are unavailable from commercial sources to the scientific community working on research relevant to mental health.

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