NIMH Chemical Synthesis and Drug Supply Program

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  • Custom synthesis of ligands for CNS receptors, radiolabeled compounds and reference standards for autoradiography and neuroimaging, biochemical markers, drug analogs and metabolites.
  • Medicinal chemistry and optimization services to convert promising compounds into suitable biological probes or to optimize small molecules for in vivo applications.
  • GMP synthesis of promising compounds for toxicology and safety studies, especially compounds for PET neuroimaging.
  • Compounds currently available are listed in the Compounds Catalog.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Investigators involved in basic or clinical research relevant to mental health. To learn more about current research areas, please visit the NIMH Research Priorities page at NIMH CSDSP compounds are provided free to qualified academic investigators.

HOW TO SUBMIT REQUESTS: Requests for compounds and for the synthesis of compounds (including radiolabeled compounds), together with supporting information, should be submitted on the Order Form. Alternatively, questions or requests may be emailed to Ken Rehder (RTI International) or Jamie Driscoll (NIMH) (see contacts).


  • A brief description of the intended use and importance of the compound to the investigator's research, mental health, and neuroscience.
  • A description of the protocols to be used with the compounds, including detailed justification on the amounts required. For in vivo studies, please include information on projected doses per animal, the number of animals used, duration of the study, number of experiments, etc., so that the calculations support the requested amount.
  • Current IACUC or IRB assurances, if appropriate.
  • Primary source of funding for the proposed research. For NIH supported research, include the NIH grant number
  • For radiolabeled compounds, a copy of the institution's current NRC license showing the authorized amount of the specific isotope and the license expiration date.
  • For synthesis requests, please include information on prior sources of the compound or related compounds, if available. Literature citations relevant to the synthesis of the target compound or related compounds are essential to the evaluation of the request. Please note that requests for GMP synthesis will require additional information and another level of review.

About The Program

Since 1959, the NIMH Chemical Synthesis and Drug Supply Program has synthesized and distributed novel research chemicals, psychoactive drugs, and compounds that are unavailable from commercial sources to the scientific community working on research relevant to mental health.

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