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Compound Name: beta-Lactotensin
NIMH Code: L-901
Alternative Name:
Abbreviation: 3 TFA • H-His-Ile-Arg-Leu-OH
Indications: neurotensin agonist active at the NT2 receptor
Package Sizes:
References: R. Yamauchi, H. Usui, J. Yunden, Y. Takenaka, F. Tani and M. Yoshikawa, Characterization of beta-lactotensin, a bioactive peptide derived from bovine beta-lactoglobulin, as a neurotensin agonist, Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 67(4), 940-943 (2003); R. Yamauchi, S. Sonoda, Y. Jinsmaa and M. Yoshikawa, Antinociception induced by beta-lactotensin, a neurotensin agonist peptide derived from beta-lactoglobulin, is mediated by NT2 and D1 receptors, Life Sci. 73(15), 1917-1923 (2003).
Molecular Formula: C30H46F9N9O11
HBA: 10
HBD: 9
RotB: 17
AlogP: -5.0599303
TPSA: 241.2
Comments: The sample molecular weight (879.73) is for the tris(trifluoroacetate). The molecular weight (anhydrous) of the peptide itself is 537.67. Peptide content (by weight): 54.8%. The degree of solvation (excess trifluoroacetic acid and water) may vary from lot to lot, and over time.
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